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Much of the planning process took place at a two day meeting of moderated focus groups that included staff from the programs participating in the CHARM initiative, Information Technology representatives, parents, parent advocacy groups, partners from Utah State University, the Community and Family Health Services Division Director, members of the Data Integration Initiative team, and observers. The planning process began with a review of the needs assessment findings and identification of seven critical components.

The seven components identified were:

  • Communication and Marketing
  • Data related Rules, Policies and Procedures
  • Data Quality
  • Organizational Change
  • Technical Development
  • Participating Program Technical Development
  • Program Management

Building on rough plans developed for Technical Development, the groups then developed draft plans for each of the components. Each component has specified objectives, activities, timelines, responsible parties, and deliverables. At the end of the planning phase, the group revised, refined, and reconciled plans for all of the components into a cohesive CHARM Data Integration Plan.