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Needs Assessment
The needs assessment phase was based upon formal stakeholder input. An outside contractor conducted focus groups and included UDOH managers from programs that currently have child health data sets; parents of children with special health care needs; and representatives from family and other community advocacy groups.

During the needs assessment three major findings surfaced: 1) Parents and families have a strong need to have their voices heard throughout the data integration process, and parents have concerns that mishandling of data may negatively impact insurance costs and healthcare access; 2) UDOH must make participation by providers very easy and attractive if they are to share data; and 3) program staff was interested and supportive, but desired training and support.

Parent input was sought early on, stemming from ongoing relationships between the Department and community groups, and will continue throughout the process. Program business needs are constantly being addressed with the stakeholders. More specific input from the medical home community will be sought closer to the time when CHARM becomes web enabled in order to allow for their access. The needs assessment phase produced the information on which the planning phase was built.

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