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Newborn CHARM (NCHARM) Project
As part of the UDOH data integration efforts, the Department began the use of a common numeric identifier for the three legally mandated datasets for babies born in Utah: birth certificates, newborn dried bloodspot screening, and newborn hearing screening. This identifier, based on the bloodspot kit number, is referred to as the Birth Record Number (BRN). The BRN has been printed onto piggyback labels that are placed on the back of the kit sent to all birthing hospitals, birthing centers, and midwives in the state. Hospital staff use the peel-off labels to enter the BRN into the Electronic Birth Certificate and HI*TRACK™ (hearing screening) databases.

The use of the BRN was phased in for all Utah birthing hospitals beginning in May of 2002. Since its implementation, unregistered births, infants missed in initial screenings, and infants lost to follow-up have been identified.