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Two important committees, the CHARM Governing Board and the CHARM Council, help guide the implementation of the CHARM Program.

The CHARM Governing Board meets as needed and its purpose is to oversee the success of the CHARM initiative by addressing issues related to how various financial needs can be met, coordinating activities and optimizing grant funding streams, reviewing outstanding issues, and approving changes to the process, activities, tasks or defined deliverables.

The CHARM Council membership contains all of the Governing Board and includes multiple stakeholders. This group meets as needed and its purpose is to provide content and policy input regarding such issues as project scope, goals and objectives, program integration sequencing, data access and authorization, privacy and confidentiality, and patient/client consent.

It is recognized that all major stakeholder groups must ultimately have input into the development of CHARM. For the purposes of this initiative, "stakeholders" are defined as anyone who can impact the success of CHARM or anyone impacted by the initiative.

Private health care providers and additional local health departments will be invited to callaborate as integration expands beyond the Utah Department of Health.