What is CHARM?
Child Health Advanced Records Management, CHARM, is part of the Utah Department of Health's (UDOH) data integration effort. It links child health information from several programs which currently include: Vital Records (Birth and Death Certificates) , USIIS (Utah's Immunization Registry), Newborn Hearing Screening and Baby Watch / Early Intervention. Future developments will include the Newborn Screening (heelstick) program and the Birth Defects Network. CHARM provides access to information that is stored in specific program databases to track and monitor child health status, such as screening results, immunization status, referrals, assessment, treatment and outcomes for children and their families.

CHARM acts as an electronic broker (middle-ware); It does not replace existing UDOH databases. The participating programs are fitted with their own front-end "agent" that plugs in to the CHARM infrastructure. CHARM is taking a modular approach to integrating systems, beginning with a core of programs and leveraging funding and incremental successes to achieve a long-term vision for a statewide integrated system.

The management approach of CHARM has resulted in a tightly integrated plan with a high degree of accountability. Due to its complex nature, CHARM was organized into three phases: Needs Assessment, Planning and Implementation.

CHARM Benefits
With CHARM, health-care providers and programs can be alerted about a child’s medical needs and assist in the provision of appropriate follow-up and treatment in a timelier manner than ever before. read more

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